Party Art By Robin
Great, simple instructions! What a special memory for a birthday girl.
Just found this video... great, simple ideas for how to decorate some lovely cupcakes for your daughter's Princess or Fairy party! And it's easy enough that perhaps your daughter can help you decorate them. Wouldn't this be a fun way to make some memories together the day before her party? And she'll be so proud to share her special cupcakes, that she decorated, with all her friends. Enjoy!
Just now finally getting around to posting some new balloon pictures! I have been focusing on learning some new designs lately, especially fairy-tale and fantasy type designs, since that's what I love the best. :-) Enjoy, and please let me know what you think! Oh, and BTW I was out of Blush and Mocha balloons when I made these, (out of a lot of colors, actually) so I apologize in advance for the fact that they all have fishbelly-white skin! :-)
Blue Fairy. I would have made Tinkerbell, but I was out of lime green balloons. :-)
Princess! With a full skirt and lovely long golden hair. I am so looking forward to getting some more colors so I can make different princesses! I want to try to make Princess Tiana. :-)
Lovely Little Mermaid! I can also make a mermaid hat, by doing her tail a little differently.