Party Art By Robin
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This is a great little article from the author of the FANTASTIC blog She made these costumes and swords for "Talk Like A Pirate Day", but of course they would also be fabulous for a pirate birthday party too! And the swords are simple and easy (they're actually made from newspaper!) and would be popular with both boys and girls. And personally, I think those little bandana skirts would be SUPER cute using striped bandanas, if you could find those! For some reason, stripes just look oh-so-piratey.
Just found this video... These cupcakes are so very cute, and actually pretty simple to do! These would be especially cute, I think, if they were baked in either shiny gold or skull-and-crossbones cupcake papers. :-) I always think cupcakes are fun for kid's parties, because they are much easier to serve than cake which has to be cut and served up. And making and decorating your own cupcakes is a great way to save money so you can afford some great party entertainment! (hint hint)