Party Art By Robin
I had a great time painting these three models for the annual Edmonds Fasion Show! They were representing the Fabric of Life Boutique, which carries fair-trade handcrafted items from around the world, and is actually the outgrowth of a non-profit which supports a school for girls in Africa. More info is on their website at

These three models were representing various products at the boutique.

The one on the left is a Global Spirit Doll. These are small beaded dolls made by girls in West Africa, for the purpose of spreading happiness! Her face is painted like one of the intricate African beads from which the dolls are made.

The model in the middle is representing the products from the Snow Leopard Trust, which provides an alternate form of income from traditional handcrafts to families in the mountains of Nepal, so they do not depend entirely on raising cattle... So they do not need to hunt and kill all the endangered snow leopards, which occasionally kill some of their cattle. The snow leopard trust helps in practical ways to teach people to respect and value their beautiful native cat, while still providing for their families.

The model on the right was modeling a dress made from bubble wrap, representing the many products they carry made from recycled materials, and several of the lovely handcrafted purses, wallets, and bags, made from the gorgeous fabrics hand-dyed by the girls at Fabric of Life Foundation's school in West Africa. Her fanciful face design features both "bubbles" and an abstract design reminiscent of the tye-dyed fabrics featured on several of her purses.

It was a very fun evening, and all three models were a huge hit!